Professional Personal Assistant Course

personal assistant certification professional course

Course Last Updated: March 2024

Here's What You'll Learn in our Professional Course

Unit One - Introduction to the Personal Assistant Role

personal-assistant certification unit 1

Unit Two - Preparing for a Career as a Personal Assistant

personal assistant certification unit 2

Unit Three - Communication Skills

personal assistant certification unit 3

Unit Four - Time Management and Organization

personal assistant certification unit 4

Unit Five - Travel Arrangements and Event Planning

personal assistant certification unit 5

Unit Six - Navigating the Job Market for Personal Assistants

personal assistant certification unit 6

Quick & Easy Personal Assistant Exam

Then you’ll sit a quick and easy online exam to get your personal assistant certification. This qualifies you as a Certified Personal Assistant Professional (CPAP).
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Professional Personal Assistant Course Summary

Who it’s aimed at

The Professional Course is for anyone getting a start in their personal assistant career and needs to learn the essential foundation skills to excel in this industry.

Length of this course

This course consists of approximately 25 hours of reading. There are also interactive quizzes and slides that reinforce the written content. Most students who choose this course can complete it in two to four weeks, although some choose to take longer.


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