Course & Account Questions

Ordering / Account Problems?

If you’re having problems signing up, signing in, or managing your account, please contact us.

Can you explain more about the exam?

Completing the exam and obtaining a pass score of more than 70/100 is a requirement to earn the Personal Assistant Certification. The exam is completed online in your own time. If you do not obtain a pass score on your first attempt, we will give you feedback and allow you one retry. The exam is open-book, meaning you can refer to the course content while you are taking the exam.

There is a mixture of multichoice questions and short written answers.

Is this course 100% online?

Yes, we have no physical location and therefore there are no in-person requirements.

Do I earn a certification upon completion of this course?

Yes, once you complete the course, and pass the exam, we will send you a digital certificate personalized with your name, and the date you completed the course.

What is the refund or cancellation policy if I am unable to complete the course or change my mind?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

What is the course format?

The bulk of the learning is done via our written material, and this is supplemented by interactive quizzes and slides to help you retain the knowledge. Once you sign up for a course you’ll get instant access to the student dashboard

Why is this personal assistant certification cheaper than others?

This is due to a number of reasons. We have no physical location and are a 100% online company. We rely on technology to automate the delivery of the course and the interactive quizzes, so can keep prices down by minimizing the number of staff required. We also make use of virtual assistants (from the Virtual Assistant Institute) to help manage customer service and administration.

Are there any ongoing or recurring fees?

No, there are no ongoing, recurring, or hidden costs involved. We offer two courses, each with a set price that is fully transparent.

What is the total course cost?

The costs of the courses can be compared here. Our Professional Course costs $247 and our Advanced Course is $498.

What are the prerequisites to take a course?

There are no educational prerequisites. Since our personal assistant courses are online, the only requirement is that you own or have access to an internet-connected device to access the course material.

What is the course curriculum?

Each course consists of a number of units. The Professional Course contains six units of material, and the Advanced Course contains these same six units, plus an extra four. You can view what is in these units on the course pages linked above.